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For May 2022!

Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is just around the corner, is your car ready? Here are a few things you may have overlooked with your vehicles maintenance that could cause a big problem on your summer road trips.

  1. Coolant levels – Always ensure you check your coolant regularly. Lack of coolant could cause your vehicle to overheat and leave you stranded.
  2. Oil Changes – Don’t forget to keep your vehicles oil clean and always follow the recommended guidelines for your vehicles oil changes.
  3. Air Conditioning – If you are not a fan of the heat you are going to want to ensure your air conditioning is in working order before the summer starts.

These tips can help you have a great time with your vehicle this summer!

Fuel Prices

Everyone has slowly watched the price of fuel creep upwards over the past year. Unfortunately, for consumers, this effects more then just the price we pay at the pump. The inflation of fuel prices has lead to the rising cost of good across the board including groceries. It has also led to an increase in price for parts for your vehicle. We here at Team Automotive are trying our best to keep our costs down for our customers. Working with many different suppliers give us the ability to try and find you the best part at the best price.


  1. What electric vehicle currently on the market has the longest range?
    1. a) 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition
    2. b) 2022 Tesla Model S
    3. c) 2022 Mercedes -Benz EQS
  2. Where in the world has the highest gas prices currently?
    1. a) Toronto
    2. b) Singapore
    3. c) Hong Kong


Question 1 – A -   The 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition has a range of 520 Miles on a charge

Question 2 – C -   Hong Kongs fuel prices are sitting at around $10.87 a gallon

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